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Our expertise spans a wide range of building types and we pride ourselves on our ability to understand each of our clients specific needs. You receive a tailored solution to support your individual situation. We consistently bring superior craftsmanship to every project – whether constructing a $30 million residential/commercial ultra modern development or a beautiful church.

Comprehensive Management

JDM Alliance was founded with the mission of combining construction management and general contracting. We take our clients from the design phase to the completed project by coordinating the entire undertaking.

Secured Pricing

The pricing can be secured for the entire duration of the build. Securing a 100% of contracts, right down to the cleaners. No big surprises.

About Us

Jorge de Melo

Founder and CEO

Merces Silva

Office Administrator

Jorge De Melo of JDM Alliance draws on 28 years of expertise. He brings quality, diversity and functional creativity to every construction project. With his extensive experience, Jorge has been heavily involved with both the administration and the construction of many projects and prides himself on putting the two pieces of the puzzle together.

Client Testimonial - The Granderson

Client Testimonial - Reflections

New Projects

Commercial development of a three story building with a banquet hall, masonic lodge, and retail space.

Role: Construction Manager:
Budget: $3,400,000

Project Portfolio

Reflections Co-Developer, Bob Gill

"JDM Alliance secured 100% of the contracts, right down to the cleaners. With all the pricing secured for the duration of the build, JDM Alliance ensured we had no big surprises."

The Granderson Co-Developer

"You're in good hands with JDM Alliance, the construction team behind Copperwood, Evo West and CitiWalk. JDM Alliance founder, Jorge De Melo, draws on more than 30 years of expertise. Jorge takes an active role in all JDM projects and provides insight and guidance for each project team. From project managers and engineers to site superintendents, Jorge's team are hands-on builders with technical expertise. Their expertise spans a wide range of building types and they consistently bring superior craftsmanship to every project, big or small."

Role: Project Manager
Budget: $10,000,000

The Granderson is a 59 unit condominium with underground parking and five floor plans featuring high ceilings and extensive windows. The main floor centerpieces a vaulted ceiling with brick and timber accents. The Granderson's unique design has been praised as destined to be a Langford landmark.

Role: Project Manager
Budget: $6,500,000

EVO West offers multiple floor plans with rich interiors and spacious balconies. Four-storeys of cultured stone accent EVO West, a condominium featured for its exquisite levels of finishing.

Role: Project Manager
Budget: $30,000,000

Reflections is a modernist styled residential building with 114 units and a commercial ground floor. Its rich list of amenities includes glass walls, a fully equipped fitness zone with a running track, and a rooftop pool. Reflections exemplifies innovation in technology and building design.

Role: Project Manager
Budget: $7,000,000

The Copperwood features a variety of well-designed one and two bedroom homes. Live/work condominium homes located on the ground floor offer unparalleled convenience to the urban professional.

Role: Project Manager
Budget: $4,800,000

Hull's Business Park features 2 building s at 26,000 square feet each. Both building s were built with concrete tilt up and steel trusses offering modern functional design.

Role: General Contract
Budget: $1,500,000

The Victoria Mosque is a very unique Architectural building with 3 floors of wood frame construction totaling 6593 square feet.

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